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Why Best Practices Aren't Good Enough

Why Best Practices Aren't Good Enough

One of the management buzzwords really getting a lot of attention is that of “Best Practice.”  Wherever you look, you will see people writing about or speaking to the virtues of doing or being “Best Practice.”

It doesn’t matter the type or size of your business is, it seems that everyone in the business world says you “must adopt best practice,” and that if you don’t, you will surely be left behind in your chosen marketplace. Yet, for many of us, “best practice” just feels wrong.

What’s the Future of the CEDIA Industry?

It’s Time to Go Beyond DIY to DIFM

What’s the Future of the CEDIA Industry?

Times are changing for the CEDIA channel. Shifting customer expectations and the growth of DIY smart home products have affected the way integrators sell their products and services – or at least they should have. Unfortunately, many AV companies have stuck with the same business model that they were using a decade ago, and it’s starting to show.

There’s no putting the DIY genie back in the bottle. It’s here to stay. What’s less certain is whether or not CEDIA integrators will continue to fight against it or embrace it as a new opportunity for growing their businesses.

Home Technology Pros is choosing the “new opportunity” option with our home technology franchise model. Here’s why:

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