It’s Good to Be a Home Technologist with Krika!

Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to be a Home Technologist

It’s Good to Be a Home Technologist with Krika!

There's a kind of business opportunity that only happens once every 30 years or so in a given market. And in our industry that time is now. For those who are willing to see it there has never been a better time to make money in the history of home technology. Never have consumers needed so much help and technological guidance. With an open mind, it's clear to see that this market isn't about DIY.

No, this is all about “Do It For Me” - the Holy Grail of providing valuable service. Good tech support and service is becoming worth its weight in gold - the new Eldorado. The age of running an entire business off large margins from one-shot hardware sales may be slowly disappearing. But frankly that doesn't matter. Now starts the era of predictable revenue streams landing in our bank accounts every month resulting from profitable service plans.

The best part of this new era is that it puts the home technologist back in the spotlight, revealing the crucial value we deliver to end-users. Before this era, we were Custom Installers. The valiant handyman, called in to deliver heavy boxes, hang large TV's, and make sense of a giant mess of cables. But in large part it was all about the hardware we sold. A transition has begun. More and more manufacturers are selling direct to consumers. And this has its benefits. It means we no longer have to fight for miserable margins, we can stock less inventory, and we no longer have to warranty every piece of technology we touch. Usually you'll handle almost for free all hardware you sold when it comes to take it to a service repair center, now you'll get paid for it. Let the consumers buy whatever tech they like. It only makes it easier for us to sell our unique abilities, the real value. This marks the birth of a new kind of professional, and it changes everything: Home technologists, the people no one would even think about living without.

It's vital to realize that consumer electronics have never been so complicated to install and maintain. We must recognize that in a house with two connected teenagers daddy will gladly pay the same price he would for an emergency plumbing visit just to get the internet back online. Most homes now have more connected devices than the average small business. And we know that many of these toxic connected devices will have damaging effects on your fragile customers' networks. It's safe to bet that at least ten times a year they will need help to resolve some strange issue that, for all they're concerned, came from outer space. And they'll know that only you, the qualified home technologist, can play the hero. Your customers will gladly pay for this service, and likely tip you on top just to make sure you'll come quicker next time!

We all know the nightmare that a “simple” DIY $200 Wi-Fi multiroom audio system can be to set up. As a prerequisite, most of these systems require a solid network, which very few homes actually have. In this case your customer's so-called DIY solution just turned into a full day of billable hours for you, plus an opportunity to sell them a real router and professional access point and of course remote supervision so you can be proactive and even bill more. Instead of fighting against the web to earn a tiny amount of margin, you've turned a $200 DIY solution into pure gold.

And it doesn't stop there. Guess what? This $200 piece of crap will also need constant updates and maintenance to continue working. You can legitimately charge for this once or twice a year. Is that not enough money for you? No worries because now you also own the network, and have a duty to keep it working, safe, and up to date. So, you'll also need to come each time there is a new firmware update for a device to enable more features and better security. Can you see that when it comes to DIY it's not so hard to make money after all? Be aware that “nature fear of the empty”. And if custom installers do not turn themselves into Home Technologist now, the thousands of little “help me to repair my PC” company will do it.

In the end, like any alarm company, swimming pool contractor, landscaper, or HVAC company you should be prepared to offer every single one of your customers a maintenance contract. The fact is your customers will soon be expecting you to offer them one. And you shouldn't be afraid to make it valuable. Don't feel guilty about making money for your service. It's the only way you'll be able to hire people, grow your business, and make thousands more customers happy. As you can see, it's so good to be back in business!

Posted with permission from Krika

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