What’s the Future of the CEDIA Industry?

It’s Time to Go Beyond DIY to DIFM

What’s the Future of the CEDIA Industry?

Times are changing for the CEDIA channel. Shifting customer expectations and the growth of DIY smart home products have affected the way integrators sell their products and services – or at least they should have. Unfortunately, many AV companies have stuck with the same business model that they were using a decade ago, and it’s starting to show.

There’s no putting the DIY genie back in the bottle. It’s here to stay. What’s less certain is whether or not CEDIA integrators will continue to fight against it or embrace it as a new opportunity for growing their businesses.

Home Technology Pros is choosing the “new opportunity” option with our home technology franchise model. Here’s why:

DIY smart devices are far more complicated than consumers realize.

The influx of smart thermostats, door locks, and leak sensors at your local home improvement store is a good thing. It brings greater awareness to the possibilities of smart home automation than a single integrator’s marketing efforts ever could.

 So what happens? The homeowner picks up that Nest thermostat at their hardware store, decides to buy it, and takes it home. They open up the box and are immediately confronted with wires, setup instructions, and the daunting prospect of actually installing it themselves.

 They don’t want to do that, so who do they call? Up until now, there has not been a reliable, standardized business model for providing customers with low-cost home technology installation and maintenance services.

 There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle. Check out this graphic from BI Intelligence about the growth of IoT-connected devices in the coming years:

 That is a HUGE opportunity. The demand is there.

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It’s Not Do It Yourself. It’s Do It For Me.

Homeowners don’t buy DIY products because they want to spend the time installing the devices themselves. They buy DIY products because they are more affordable. But when they actually go to install and pair those devices with other devices on their network, that’s when they realize how complex this technology really is.

Julie Jacobson of CE Pro recently wrote about the comparison between home automation integrators and plumbers: “Electrical contractors, plumbers and other trades charge $100 to $150 per hour installing products that cost as much as an inch of PVC.” It’s already proven that homeowners are willing to pay for expert service, even if the devices themselves aren’t expensive. It’s just a matter of creating that standardized approach and clear visibility for homeowners so that they understand that it’s an option now.


That’s the future of home technology for the CEDIA channel, and it’s the present for Home Technology Pros franchise owners. It’s a business model that we are highly confident in, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you’d like more information on joining us in this exploding industry as a home technology franchise owner.


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